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Interfaith voices: NPR

I will be speaking on NPR’s Interfaith Voices radio program this November. Check this space for more details.

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Newseum: Washington DC, November 3rd

Talking at the Newseum in Washington DC on November 3rd.¬†The subject is the struggle for M2F transgender rights in India. Please drop by if you’re in town.    

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Nepal Earthquake Coverage (LA Times)

I recently served as a special correspondent for Los Angeles times. Here are my stories from the quake, spanning four days in the field: Day one: Tent City Day two: Triage Day three: Rural Village Day four: Orphanage 

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India’s New Heroin Highway (Slate/Roads & Kingdoms)

For the version on Slate, click here For the version of Roads & Kingdoms, click here

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Welcome to India’s Heroin Alley (Foreign Policy)

Heroin abuse is rampant in the Indian state of Punjab, and a generation of young, male addicts has nowhere to turn for help. Click here.

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Eat, Pray, Leeches (Foreign Policy)

Read about India’s new emphasis on traditional medicine (in the face of a crumbling healthcare infrastructure), click here This story was chosen among Longform’s picks of the week

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Don’t Speak (Motherland)

My essay for the new issue of Motherland Magazine, click here

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2014 International AIDS Conference

I recently spoke at the 2014 International AIDS Conference along with some of my colleagues from the Pulitzer Center. Here’s a piece I wrote for Al Jazeera America about the victims of the MH17 disaster.    

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