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The Anatomy of a Mass Shooting at a House Party (VICE)

For my feature, click here

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Death of Meat-Meat (VICE)

For my crime feature on the police shooting death of Willie D. James, click here

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Inside the Bizarre, Unsolved Case of the Long Island Serial Killer (VICE)

For the feature on the LISK, click here

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Climate Change Issue (National Geographic)

My feature “Power to the People” can be found in the Nov 2015 issue of National Geographic. For the digital version, click here.

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To Be Poor and Sick in India Series (Pulitzer Center/New York Times)

1. http://nyti.ms/1hSnWuX  2. http://bit.ly/1e9VTGq  3. http://bit.ly/1lC7fuI  4. http://nyti.ms/1grQt9I 

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